ARBC 101 Beginning Arabic I This is a beginning course in Modern Standard Arabic (written) and colloquial Arabic (spoken), and the first in a three-course sequence. The first quarter of study will cover the Arabic alphabet and phonology, basic morphology and syntax, and introductory conversational skills, as well as an introduction to the geography and cultures of the Arabophone region. Students will demonstrate their beginning skills largely through oral presentations and dictation.
ARBC 102 Beginning Arabic II This is the second course in a three-course sequence in Beginning Arabic, with continuing instruction of Modern Standard and colloquial Arabic. This course emphasizes vocabulary acquisition and foundational grammar (gender and number agreement, subject and object pronouns, present-tense verb conjugation), building toward simple narration in compositions and presentations. Students will explore Arab cultures as well as practice reading and listening skills through a variety of authentic media. ARBC-101
ARBC 103 Beginning Arabic III This course completes the three-course sequence in Beginning Arabic. Students will continue intensive vocabulary building and move on to grammatical topics including gerunds, superlatives, past and future tense verb conjugation, conditional and comparative phrases, as well as Arabic's dazzling verb pattern system. Students will continue to explore Arab cultures and practice reading and listening through a variety of authentic media, and develop their composition and presentation skills through written and oral projects. ARBC-102; ARBC-103L must be taken concurrently
ARBC 600 Teaching Assistantship